Silvia Crusellas Maña



  • Degrees: M.M. in Music Psychology in Education from The University of Sheffield
  • Current Position: Music Mind Games Teacher Trainer; Suzuki Violin and Viola Teacher; President of Suzuki Spanish Federation
  • Location: La Rioja, Spain

I met Michiko Yurko in 2010 when she presented Music Mind Games at a Leadership Conference at Cambridge University. I was “over the moon” impressed by how her philosophy and method impacted all the teachers in the room. She completely absorbed our attention, and we didn’t even realize how much we were learning from the games. Not only that, staff from the conference had to come and “rescue” us to eat lunch, as we had completely lost track of time. That was my first powerful encounter with Music Mind Games and Michiko. I knew from that moment that I would become a Music Mind Games teacher and teach Music Mind Games to all my students. I realized that if I was impacted like that, imagine how much it could impact my students.

A few months later, I attended my first Unit 1 workshop in Edinburgh, and it was terrific. For many years, I continued to take training with Michiko and study the philosophy and method of Music Mind Games. I wanted to know everything about it, to be enriched, and to spread it among teachers. I am so grateful to Michiko for blessing me with the title of Teacher Trainer. Now, I train teachers worldwide to follow their dreams and become qualified Music Mind Games teachers. During and after a course, I see huge smiles on the faces of all the teachers I train. They are amazed by the authenticity of the method and how much it is changing their lives and that of their students.

Music Mind Games has given me all the tools necessary to become a better professional musician, an exceptional teacher, and a joyful parent. Music Mind Games is not only about music but about a skill of life that will last forever and help everyone to become a better human being. Music Mind Games is the future of music theory and literacy, and I know it will change the world.