About the Ukranian Folk Song Project

We have translated this video into many languages and will be adding more. To add subtitles, click on the little wheel next to the word YouTube and make your selection.

In March 2022, I had a simple idea that sharing one beautiful little Ukrainian folk song around the world might somehow make a difference in bringing peace to a united, independent, and free Ukraine. Since then the Ukrainian Folk Song Project has taken shape. A dear colleague of mine, Marina Obukovsky, has been advising me. She is from Kharkiv, a graduate of the Kharkiv Conservatory, and was also on their faculty. She now lives and teaches in New York City. When I asked her, she told me,"This Ukrainian folk song is the perfect choice for this project."

This folk song will be passed from person to person by all of us who care about the people of Ukraine. Please share this project with your family, friends, students, colleagues, and on social media and YouTube. Musical scores and recordings are free to everyone. Permission to reprint and make copies is written on each score.

Let's teach this song to our students and perform it often for each other as a symbol of our belief in a free, peaceful, united, and independent Ukraine.

Something small and beautiful can be powerful Glory to Ukraine!

Michiko Yurko

How to Get Involved

  1. Watch the YouTube video to learn about the project and hear the folk song
  2. Download free musical scores and listen to the recordings
  3. Share the project with everyone: students, friends, family, and on social media and YouTube
  4. This project is designed for everyone whether or not they are musicians (yet)
  5. Post your videos to YouTube using #musicmindgamesukraine and to Facebook
  6. Consider making a donation to our foundation to help us reach more students and teachers

If you Wish to Share the Project with Others:

To send an email copy and paste: Hi! I am participating in a wonderful project called the Ukrainian Folk Song Project and want to share it with you. Watch the project's YouTube video to learn about it. Musical scores and recordings are free to everyone. It's sponsored by the Music Mind Games Foundation. It's exciting to be part of this unique and important project. If you like it, you can share it, too.

To send a text copy and paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vitkwRAsTno