About our Foundation


We are a young foundation established in 2020 to help spread the Music Mind Games method and philosophy throughout the world. Our international photo gallery shows the beautifully designed Music Mind Games materials, the originality of the games, the joy on the faces of children, parents, and teachers, and the breadth of the music theory subjects covered in the 200+ games created by Michiko Yurko, the result of nearly 50 years of her work.

“These beautifully detailed materials and the very thoughtful progression of the games truly create a magic world of music theory for our children.” Shannon Hawes (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Michiko’s third and latest book, Music Mind Games – Unit 1, is a "must-have" book for teachers, parents, and educators worldwide. It is brimming with inspiration, Michiko’s creative way to look at a subject from the students’ viewpoint, and practical ideas and skills that are easy to use at all skill levels.

“I love the ‘quiet skills’ that Music Mind Games teaches. There are character qualities needed to develop life skills such as assertiveness, faith, gentleness, goodness, honesty, joy, kindness, love, patience, peace, self-control, self-esteem, and understanding that I endeavor to promote in my teaching. Marthé M. (School for Strings, New York, USA)

Our Debut Project is the Ukrainian Folk Song Project, and we hope you will become involved!

Future Projects that are looking for funding:

  1. Help to fund teacher training workshops worldwide and provide scholarships for teachers
  2. Translate and publish the Unit 1 book into Japanese, Spanish, Danish
  3. Publish digital games worldwide to play and learn Music Mind Games games
  4. Provide support for the publication of the book Music Mind Games Unit 2
  5. Produce “Play with Michiko” videos so children worldwide can learn directly with Michiko
  6. Publish an easy-to-use music notation software program using Music Mind Games concepts

We welcome your support of our foundation through donations directly to our site. We’d love to hear from you, too!