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  • "Joyfully" describes our outlook and our games. Everyone is instantly drawn to the playfulness, the calm atmosphere, and the creative materials.

  • "Bringing" conveys that the Foundation is actively providing, doing, and sharing its resources around the world.

  • "Music theory" refers to the rudiments of music notation used to create musical scores and share music.

  • "Music literacy" is the ability to use music theory to read and write, and play and sing musical scores.

  • "Children" and all peoples of the world can learn, enjoy, and achieve amazing understanding.

  • Worldwide, literacy rates are high. Our mission is that "all peoples of the world" achieve literacy in the universal language of music.

  • "Creative" highlights that our games are friendly, original, full of vitality, and that everyone is a winner.

  • Music Mind Games is the first music theory method to follow an original curriculum of concepts that are mastered by learning, "one creative game at a time".